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Even if a tree is alive, it may hold dead limbs that can negatively impact its development. Some situations can become extremely dangerous if there are large, dead limbs and branches. Over time, wind and other forces of nature can cause the branches to plummet down and potentially damage your property or harm individuals who are passing beneath the tree. Hiring a professional to provide dead-wooding tree removal services creates a safe environment and also promotes new, healthy growth for the tree.

Protecting You

Our team is our family. We go out of our way to fully-insure them and arm them with the proper knowledge and necessary equipment to secure their safety as well as yours! Unneeded liability is a stressor no one should experience!

A Tree Removal Service that Gives

Wildcat Creek Tree Service wants you to have a fantastic experience with your project. Collaborate with us and support initiatives like Restoration Sawmill and Hardwoods!

Knowledgeable Direction in Tree Removal

Allow our experience to guide any of the inquiries you may about your dead-wooding project. An informed decision is the best decision! With professionals of more than 15 years in the industry, we will give you just that! Upgrade your safety, as well as the community's, with Wildcat Creek Tree Service!

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