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tree trimming and deadwooding in lafayette IN by the professional tree specialists at wildcat creek tree service

Are your trees growing wild? Perhaps you have a window you can barely peer out due to overgrowth. True to our name Wildcat Creek Tree Service, knows how to address all your arboreal concerns, no matter how "wild"! We know that in order to promote healthy tree growth and ensure that they are not damaging structures or other parts of your property, they should be checked up on a routine basis. Maintaining, shaping, and trimming them can be made easy and convenient for you once you partner with us. We know the proper tree trimming methods to make sure your trees are kept healthy, and your house, power lines, fences, and other elements are kept in tip-top shape. Freshly trimmed trees are just a call away!

Tree Trimming Arbor Specialist

Our team will guide you in your arbor decisions. Not only will you be directed towards the most optimal choice for you, but we consider what is best for the environment.

Excellent Execution

We shape trees through methods that not only look great, but also preserve the future health of your trees ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Insured Safety

We care about our staff and take the time to equip them with the proper knowledge to operate equipment. We carry full insurance to make sure accidents will never be the liability of our customers.

Wildcat Creek Tree Service

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