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seeding the future generations

Plant a Seed to Grow Your Future

By Wildcat Creek Tree Service | May 14, 2019 | Comments Off on Plant a Seed to Grow Your Future

Throughout the ages, our ancestors have been stewards of the land, building shelters, plowing fields, and planting orchards—all with the help of trees. More than a hobby or an interest, this necessity sparked new talents and skills that have since been passed down through countless generations. As society blossomed into towns and cities, the need to cultivate and tame nature led to essential trades like our tree service in Lafayette, Indiana. Ethical Arborist These talents and skills have been cultivated through the focus on our symbiotic relationship with nature—when we nurture plant life, it nurtures us. This understanding shapes everything…

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wildcat creek tree services lafayette indiana adheres to their moral environmental obligation

Environmental Ethics & Our Part

By Wildcat Creek Tree Service | February 13, 2019 | Comments Off on Environmental Ethics & Our Part

Ever Wonder Why Trees Are So Important? Wildcat Creek Tree Service of Lafayette Indiana believes that trees are vital, and finding a tree service company that adheres to their ethical treatment has become ever more critical! Not only are trees essential for sustaining life, but as one of the earth’s longest living organisms, they give us a link to the past. Trees are the most prominent plants on the planet and hold significant benefits for the environment, our communities, and for preserving the future of our world. Throughout their existence, trees have supported and sustained human life through such provisions…

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