Is Spring Coming? Look to the Trees!

learn more about spring tree care and pruning with wildcat creek tree service

As the winter months seem to ravage on and on and cloudy day after cloudy day comes and goes, we all find ourselves wondering—when is spring going to get here?! Well, did you know that a great indicator of the coming spring is the trees that surround us? As they go through subtle changes in…

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Do Trees Hibernate?

learn how trees function in the winter and how wildcat creek can aid with tree care

Do Trees Hibernate? We’re hoping the title caught your attention!  Perhaps you had images in your mind of a massive sycamore gathering tons of food and finding a cozy cave to snooze away the cold months… And that’s not far from the truth! Although you won’t be seeing any walking trees (we’re guessing you aren’t…

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Give Your Trees Some Love This Winter With Mulch

mulch you landscape to protect plants this winter

I bet we can all relate to the holiday struggle…it seems like our to-do lists are never done!  Finish our holiday shopping Pick out the perfect Christmas tree Clean our homes for guests Apply late fall mulch to protect our trees…wait, what?       Don’t forget to protect your yard in the hustle and bustle of this…

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Take Steps at Home to Prep for Winter Tree Care

care for your trees in the winter with wildcat creek tree service

It’s crazy to think how quickly this year has flown by! In just a blink of an eye, Halloween is already here, and preparations for holiday festivities have begun.  The leaves are turning and falling, making way for the chilly winter air. While the frigid weather typically causes the trees to go dormant during the…

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Begin Preparing Your Trees for Winter

prepare your trees for the winter with wildcat creek tree service in lafayette indiana

September is here and fall is around the corner! The leaves are dimming from lush shades of green to the crisp red and brilliant gold pigments of autumn. Fading trees are one of the most iconic symbols of fall, and enlisting the help of your Lafayette, IN tree service experts is the perfect way to…

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Remove Your Tree Stump Now

remove that old tree stump now with wildcat creek tree services

The smell of your coffee envelops your nose as you raise the mug to your mouth and take a sip. As you glance out of your kitchen window, you see the first rays of the morning sun shining lazily on your backyard while a light mist covers the landscape. Your beautiful flower garden, cozy coy…

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5 Ways to Help Your Sapling Survive

keep your sapling alive with these five tips

There goes your neighbor Bob again, heading to the garage. That shirt he’s wearing may have been cool in the 80s but now it fits like an unsightly crop top. Great…another day of watching him tinker on nothing in particular—in full view of your house. As you glance down at your row of newly planted…

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Why Trimming Your Trees Is a MUST

to get optimal growth regularly trim your trees

If you’ve ever shaken a tree branch when it’s wet, you remember the impact of the water droplets and the shock of suddenly being rained upon. It’s true that the rains of spring can push down tree branches so they’re touching the grass or grazing the roof of the neighbor’s house. It’s dangerous enough having…

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Prevent Storm Damage Now Instead of Later

prevent storm damage with the help of wildcat creek tree service

Winter is winding down, making way for the spring. As the atmosphere adjusts to this change, you may notice dark clouds rolling in on one lovely evening. The scene is eerily reminiscent of the last time a bad storm ravaged your yard, leaving you with a mess of branches to clean up for the next…

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