Is Spring Coming? Look to the Trees!

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As the winter months seem to ravage on and on and cloudy day after cloudy day comes and goes, we all find ourselves wondering—when is spring going to get here?!

Well, did you know that a great indicator of the coming spring is the trees that surround us?

As they go through subtle changes in preparation for warmer weather, we can watch them while we plan for our own spring! 

Join Wildcat Creek Tree Service, a tree service in Lafayette, Indiana, as we cue you in on some of the changes happening right before our eyes!

Look at the Ground Thaw

As you head out to your car on a cold, overcast morning, stop and look at the ground around the tree. Notice a thawed ring around the base? This is an indication that spring is on the way! 

As warmer weather comes and the sun stays out longer, the bark along the base of a tree absorbs the sunlight and starts to melt the snow on the ground below. This melted snow is then absorbed by the roots, which slowly moves throughout the tree, mixing with starches and sugars to help produce sap…leading to the new creation of leaves!

Tapping for Sap

maple trees are usually tapped in mid february through mid march for sap

Like we mentioned above, sap begins to flow when spring approaches—typically in mid-February through mid-March. As temperatures begin to increase, this creates a pressure within the tree that helps move sap. Sap moves from the aboveground tree down to the roots, making sap tapping convenient during this time of year. Curious about the process? See if any Maple farms are in your area to observe the activity!

Look Closely…Buds

As the sap begins to flow and water is transported throughout the tree, if you look closely, you may begin to notice some buds appearing on the trees! The earliest trees to bud are usually Silver and Red Maples, and their buds can appear as early as Mid-March. If you suffer from allergies, your nose may be able to sense them before you see them! 

Are Those Birds Chirping? 

chirping birds are a sign that spring is around the corner

One of the most undeniable sounds of spring is the chirping of birds throughout the trees. With the arrival of spring comes robins, sparrows, and wrens singing their melodious tunes. In order to attract birds to your yard in the spring, try planting dogwoods, crabapples, oaks, and spruces. The birds are attracted to these trees as they are a stable source of food, prodiving buds, nuts, and berries for nourishment.

When Should You Prune Your Trees?

Now that you know some of the incoming signs of spring, your next question may be, “When do I need to prune my trees?”

Many people opt to prune their trees in the spring, but be careful—do not prune more than 10% of the tree’s branches. Trees that tend to do best when pruned in the spring include: walnuts, maples, and birches. Try not to prune other trees in the spring, because it could leave them susceptible to pest invasions or diseases. If you’re unsure if your tree could use pruning, contact a tree service in Lafayette, Indiana for advice.
For help with pruning your trees or any other spring tree services, call Wildcat Creek Tree Service in Lafayette, Indiana at (765) 404-0938 to get started!